Black And Red Unusual Makeup Tutorial

This makeup is not for the shy person, it’s destined exactly for the opposite type of personality, the one who wants to stand out and express more. If you fit the second category, this article is perfect for you and you will love the idea of it. A lot of black and a bold red is certainly suitable for night time events, certain parties and of course, what other place than a rock concert! This tutorial is created on brown eyes, but can look great on light colored eyes too, depending on the shade of the red eyeshadow. If your eyes are blue, we recommend you to use a darker burgundy instead of red to make a better contrast with the eye color.

Black And Red Unusual Makeup Tutorial

What you will need:
– red eyeshadow;
– a very good eyeshadow primer;
– black eye pencil;
– black liquid liner;
– mascara;
– different makeup brushes.

1. Prepare your face before getting to do your eye makeup, apply the right foundation on the skin and define the brows.
2. Apply the eyeshadow primer on both of your lids.
3. Take the black eye pencil and thinking your upper lash line is situated a little over the normal place, draw a cat eye as you can see in picture number 2.
4. In the empty area between the black line and your eyes apply the red eyeshadow.
5. Take the liquid liner and apply it on the upper lash line, then a little bit on the lower lash line starting from the inside corner of the eye.
6. Continue lining the lower lash line with some eyeshadow powder so it looks like it was started with black and finished with red then waterline with black pencil.
7. The last step is to finish the look with some mascara to make the eyes look bigger.

Photo courtesy: liz-breygel.

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