5 Makeup Tips from Celebrity Stylists

Celebrity stylists know what they’re doing when it comes to makeup. They know how to bring out one’s natural beauty, enhance features and create looks that are both natural and dramatic. Because of their fairy godmother hands, there’s no doubt that celebrities have the touch when it comes to looking fabulous.

In the world of beauty, celebrity stylists are the ones who can make a face look like a million bucks. So who’s better to ask for makeup tips than top celebrity stylists? With so many different tips from expert stylists, it can be hard to know which ones to try. That’s why we’ve compiled five tips from celebrity stylists to help you get started on your makeup journey!

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1. Focus on the Eyes First

In styling, a very essential part of the face is the eyes. Your eye makeup will help determine how your face will look as a whole. Your great eyes will light up your whole face no matter what type of skin or hair color you have.

If there’s one thing Ariel Tejada, Kylie Jenner’s stylist, does not skip when doing makeup, it’s eye makeup. According to Ariel, “I always like to do shimmering shades and smokey colors on her lids.” Ariel also uses a mix of gold, brown and bronze shades. Ariel further adds that eyeshadow blending is one of the essential makeup techniques she has picked up in her career as a celebrity stylist.

For Kylie Jenner’s smoky eye look, Ariel recommends applying black liner right at the lash line using an angled brush with slow sweeps to give depth to the eyes, followed by a light dusting of powder eyeshadow over the top for more dimension and then finishes with eyelashes.

2. Keep Your Lips Healthy

There’s nothing like a pair of plumped-up lips to brighten up anyone’s face. Celebrity stylists recommend using lip balm before putting on lipstick to keep the said pout moisturized and looking the best, and for a smoother lipstick application.

Lip balm is also good to use after exfoliating your lips because it will prevent skin flaking and dryness caused by exfoliation. If you’re in a hurry or don’t have time to apply balm to your lips, rub them together for a few seconds. This will help increase blood circulation to your lips.

Stylists warn that even if you have great lipstick, the effect will just be counterproductive if you apply it on dry and flaky lips. So always remember to keep your lips in good shape by keeping them moisturized and exfoliated!

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3. Wear the Right Shade of Foundation for Your Skin Tone

Celebrities are usually associated with having a flawless complexion. This is because they wear makeup that perfectly matches their skin tone; not too light nor dark. The wrong shade of foundation can cause the face to look ashy and dull. The secret to good makeup is finding a perfect balance between being natural-looking and enhancing one’s beauty highlights.

For instance, Amber Maynard, Hailee Steinfeld’s makeup artist, does her best to make sure she does not bring out too much of a tan on Hailee’s face whenever she does her makeup or else it would look odd and unnatural to the actress who is naturally fair-skinned.

4. Keep Makeup Brushes Clean and Sanitized

Your personal hygiene may be at risk when using makeup brushes because we never know what germs lurk inside them. To prevent contamination of bacteria or stains on your precious brushes, make sure to wash them often but not with water alone. It is a good practice to use a mild soap as well as a disinfectant spray. This will kill germs and keep your brushes clean, as they should be.

Keep a sanitized storage case for your brushes so you can quickly put them back every time you finish using them. Also, it’s best to store your brushes upright in the air or else they may lose their shape over time.

5. Master the Art of Contouring

The right foundation tone on your face can bring out your natural features and make them look more prominent. Stylists suggest using a cream blush with a darker shade to draw attention to certain areas, like cheeks or lips. This technique is a little harder to master, but it’s a must-know for all makeup enthusiasts.

To avoid a botched makeup look, make sure you use a brush with a flat surface instead of a round one. You can also use a blush brush that comes with a bendable tip to help you get directly on the target area.

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There you have it! These are five makeup tips from celebrity stylists that you can incorporate into your daily makeup routine. Take note of this expert advice: Keep your skin and lips hydrated and moisturized! Above the perfect makeup, it is very important to keep your skin and lips healthy as the state of your skin and lips reflects how you look on the outside as well.

If you want more advice like this, check out these tips from experienced cosmetologists. They offer information on what makes a good stylist, from good communication to a drive to never stop learning.

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