Elegant Chignon For Special Occasions

There are certain type of events that require a more formal look than others, like an elegant dinner party, a classy wedding, a more exclusive business dinner, etc. Wearing special clothing when attending to them is not the only thing you have to have in consideration. Hair plays a very important role in a woman’s look, the same way as makeup and clothing. One of the best and most suited hairstyles you can wear on an event that requires a more formal look is this elegant chignon that we will teach you how to make. It is a little harder to do by yourself so we recommend you have a friend with you to help you out.

Elegant Chignon For Special Occasions

What you will need:
– different hair clips;
– many bobby pins;
– a beautiful hair accessory of your choice;
– hairspray.

1. Divide your hair into two sections, half in the front and half in the back and tease all the hair from the root.
2. Use a clip to hold the hair from the upper side and with your big finger start making a roll out of the hair from the back. Use as many bobby pins to hold it.
3. Release the hair that is clipped on the upper side of your head then leaving out 2 strands in the front build up your previous roll even more as you can see in the pictures. The hair from the left side you will use to cover the roll and you will try to add the hair from the right side in a way it goes through the roll and you will hide the ends of the hair under the roll. Secure them very well with bobby pins.
4. Comb the two hair strands and use them to cover the area from the middle of the chignon.
5. You will add the hair accessory to the middle area and take care there are no hair strands left out.
6. Add a lot of hairspray to the coiffure so it holds it and makes it more resistant to moving. You are ready!

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