Wrapped Gifts Nail Art – DIY

Do you like receiving gifts? Don’t expect them always from somebody else, you can give yourself some and one of them could be this beautiful manicure. Why we say that? Because your nails will literally look like wrapped gifts. We know the holidays are over and that doesn’t mean present time is over. Give this nail art a try and feel the excitement of looking at them and having some gift shape drawings on each and every nail.

What you will need:

– white nail polish;
– glittery dark red nail polish (or any other color of your choice);
– dotting tool;
– thin nail polish brush.


1. Paint all of your nails in white and let the polish dry.

2. Apply a layer of the red polish on each nail except the one from the ring finger.

3. Take the dotting tool and make a dot on your nail somewhere around the middle of it.

4. Draw a ribbon with the white nail polish and the thin brush as you can see in the pictures then make 2 lines around the shape of it which will make them look like they are wrapped gifts. Do this on every red painted nail.

5. Clean the thin brush from white polish and do the same thing from step 4 on the white painted nail but this time use red glittery polish.

6. Let your nails dry and finish with a top coat if you want to make your manicure last longer.

Wrapped Gifts Nail Art - DIY

Photo courtesy: cosmopolitan.

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