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Deciding what to get someone you love for their birthday or Christmas can be very stressful, especially if they have particular tastes or are a shining example of someone who ‘has everything.’ What to gift these people? We can’t simply leave them out!

This is where gifted experiences come in. Not only are they usually a unique and thoughtful gift option, but they also help to create memories that will last forever. What better gift is there? Get inspired by GiftTree and the ideas below:

1. Venue Tour

Many of us have not only things, but places that mean something to us. It might be a sports stadium, concert venue, museum, or a national park. Wherever it is, there’s usually a way to take a special guided tour.

If the person you’re celebrating has such a place, and they live near it, take a look at what tours are available. They’re guaranteed to have a day to remember and will never forget who made it possible. Some national parks also offer annual passes, which may be a great alternative.

2. Sponsorship

If your loved one has a cause that they’re particularly passionate about, why not show them how important their passions are to you by supporting that cause in their name? For example, many wildlife organizations and zoos across the United States offer sponsorship programs, where people make regular donations to help keep endangered animals safe. The perfect gift for an animal lover!

Alternatively, you can donate to a specific charity, volunteer your time, or buy food or blankets for a local homeless shelter.

3. Cooking Classes

A cookery course is a great gift that’s fun, thoughtful, and practical – the perfect combination! Many people would like to be better at cooking, or baking, or learn more about a specific kind of cuisine, but simply don’t have the time or money to spend on classes. Book your buddy onto a course and make that dream come true!

Just make sure they don’t think you’re trying to tell them something.

4. Concert/Theater Tickets

Surprise your partner with a next-level date night and grab concert tickets for their favorite band, or a musical that’s coming to town. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s something you’ll enjoy doing together. Don’t be afraid of buying tickets for a musician or performer you’ve never seen before. You never know, you might both discover something new!

That said, don’t just buy tickets for any old thing. No classic rock and roll fan wants to sit through three hours of improvised jazz, for example. Make sure you have at least some idea of what to expect.

5. Subscription

Extremely popular in the 1990s, subscriptions are making a huge comeback. Remember when Netflix was just a DVD subscription service? If your loved one is passionate about films, art, music, and so on, then why not sign them up for a subscription service?

You can even get monthly deliveries of clothes and beauty products, and all based on what your friend, family member, or partner most likes. It’s a unique and personalized gift that, depending on the length of the subscription, will really keep on giving.

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