DIY Gift Ideas That The Special Person In Your Life Is Sure To Love

“When it comes to gift-giving, the thought often matters more than the gift”. A thoughtful gift will beat an expensive one any day. What would be even better would be a gift you made yourself. It shows that you care about the other person enough to go through the trouble of making them a gift.

DIY ideas abide aplenty, and you can find any idea you want for a gift to give a particular person in your life. Moreover, they cannot return a DIY gift to the store, which increases the chances of the receiver keeping it.

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The following are some DIY gift ideas to give someone special in your life:

1. Comic Book Coasters

If you have a loved one you know is a big fan of comic books, you can give them a comic book coaster. The coasters are easy to make and represent a very thoughtful gift, especially if they are some of the receiver’s favorite comic books.

You will need several things to make a comic book coaster, including electrical outlet covers, Mod podge, and sandpaper. It is a unique combination of tools that will create a special gift your loved one will appreciate.

2. Liquor Bottle Soap Dispenser

If you are the special person in your love to drink, why not use one of your empty bottles for something creative. You can do it with a liquor bottle and make a great gift by turning it into a soap dispenser. It would be best to create a liquor bottle soap dispenser to get a soap dispenser pump and fit it on a liquor bottle.

Get a pump that does not bulge by the spring because it will not fit inside the bottle’s neck. It is not only a practical gift, but it is also hilarious. Your loved ones will laugh every time they use the dispenser when washing their hands.

3. Leather Wallet

Leather is one of the favorite materials for DIY enthusiasts to use. A leather accessory that you can make for the special person in your life is a wallet. You can use a Cricut machine to make the wallet. You can make a wide variety of these Cricut leather projects as leather often feels like a special gift. You can easily create a quality and thick leather wallet in no time using Cricut machines.

4. Beer Sign Opener

In a couple, chances that one of you likes drinking beer are pretty high. It is even better if both of you are beer lovers. If so, you should give your loved one a beer sign opener as a gift which you can make yourself. It is relatively easy to make a beer sign opener.

You can use reclaimed wood, which has a rustic feel. Carve or paint the beer sign on the piece of wood and then carve in the bottle opener. You can even put in a special message for that particular person. They will remember you every time they use the opener to open a beer.

5. Scrapbook

We take many photos nowadays, and you can hardly walk down the street before seeing a couple taking a selfie. If you are part of a couple that likes to take photos, why not make a scrapbook for your special one. You can make a photo storybook of all your pictures from the earliest times of your dating days until today. Not many people can say they have a picture record of their relationship.

Please include as many photos as you can but still make it readable. You can make the scrapbook physical or digital, depending on which one best suit you.

If you end up having children, the photo storybook will make for great stories.

6. Chopping Board

Photo by Callum Hill on Unsplash

If you have a loved one who loves their meat, a DIY chopping board which they can use to slice their meat would be amazing. Moreover, it is an easy gift to make that is practical and difficult to mess up. The hardest part about making a DIY cutting board is finding the right piece of wood.

Find a relatively soft piece of wood that would be easy to carve. It would help if you were extremely careful when cleaning and smoothing the bark. As long as you are not too aggressive when carving the piece of wood, you should be fine. A remarkable inscription for your loved one will be icing on top of the cake.

To conclude, there are many DIY gifts that you can give to your loved one. Your only limits are your skills, tools, and imagination. It does not have to be elaborate and enormous to be a great gift. What matters is that you put time, effort, and care into the present.

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