Wonderful Zipper Bag Idea – DIY


In creating this lovely purse that is woven out of zippers, the bags that are often seen in the airport gift shops were the  main point of inspiration. You can make your own using the colors shown or any combination that works best for your outfits.

You will need:
– zippers in different colors;
– glue;
– pins;
– scissors.

First, on a flat surface, lay out and weave the zippers according to the images shown. Get the sides of the zippers together and secure them temporarily by pinning them. Starting from the bottom corner, glue the ends of all the zippers making sure you maintain a consistent pattern of the woven by trimming off the ends. When the bottom part is woven and glued you can take off the pins and trim the end of each zipper, weave in the ends on the top and the raw edges under a vertical zipper. Next, wrap the top ends of the vertical zipper’s margins over the top horizontal zipper and glue. Afterwards, take two zippers, cut them about 10” and glue them to the underneath top edge of the tote. To finish the bag, cover up all raw ends by taking any left scraps of zippers and glue them to the zippers around the inside guideline of the tote. Have fun!
Photo courtesy: Sewing Secrets
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  1. Good day
    I’ve been wanting to make this bag, instructions and photo don’t really help is there any way you could make a video and post it that would be a tremendous help
    Love this bag

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