Make 2 Tote Bags And 2 Headbands From One Scarf – DIY

If you have some forgotten scarves in your closet then don’t give them away to anyone as you can easily repurpose them into useful products for you. From one large scarf you can make 2 small tote bags and 2 headbands to match them. They can be used to go shopping and carry small things, they also can be used to going to the beach and carry your sun cream and sunglasses. It is not recommended to carry heavy things especially if the material is sensitive.


What you will need:
– one large scarf;
– sewing machine or sewing kit (if you sew with hand);
– thread and needle.

Directions: The first thing you have to do is to cut two long strips of either side of the scarf because these will be the straps. Fold the scarf in two, then cut in half and you have the base for the bags. Fold each half into a rectangle and sew the margins leaving the upper one unsewn. Measure the strips, cut the excess down and sew along the sides of the bag then turn them inside out. The remained fabric will be used as headbands and you have just made 2 tote bags. If you think you are competent enough you can also add a liner to each bag, but this is also optional.

Source: karimascrafts.

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