Simple DIY Makeup & Pencil Bag

Do you love having lots of little bags in the house to store your stuff in them? If yes, you are in the right place as we will show you how to make cute and very useful bags to store all your small things in them like makeup, pencils, bracelets, sunglasses, underwear and everything you can think of. You will never have to go and spend money on small bags that can be quite expensive sometimes. You can make a minimal investment in the materials needed and in a matter of minutes you can create an awesome bag! They are great to be offered as gifts too, so don’t forget about your best friend!

What you will need:
– a piece of upholstery fabric that is 15 inches wide (38,1 cm) and 10 inches long (25,4 cm);
– scissors;
– ruler;
– 9 inch zipper;
– iron;
– water resistant, permanent fabric glue.

1. Prepare your fabric to the exact dimensions as we have stated in the “what you will need” list from above. In order to do that you can use the ruler and the scissors. You can use any fabric, but we have mentioned upholstery because it is more durable.
2. Fold in a piece of fabric on both sides (a half inch) then use an iron to make sure they stay folded.
3. Take the zipper and place it in the center with the right side facing up.
4. Apply some glue to one side of the zipper then place the fold of the same side over the glue.
5. Repeat this to the other part of the zipper.
6. After you have done this, pull down the zipper and let the glue dry for a good hour or so (usually, this type of glue needs 10 hours to fully dry, but one hour is enough so you can go to the next step).
7. Now, turn the fabric inside out and glue the sides in. With the wrong sides facing out you will glue together the right sides.
8. After you have finished with the previous step, let the glue dry again for one hour before you turn it to the right side.
9. Your bag is ready and now you have to let the glue dry very well and in 24 hours you can even wash your new bag! Have fun!

In the video below you will see 3 types of bags, 2 you can make with just glue and one with a sewing machine. Check out also the pictures below.  Hope you will love them and enjoy making them as much as you will using them!

Simple DIY Makeup & Pencil  Bag
Simple DIY Makeup & Pencil  Bag (3)
Simple DIY Makeup & Pencil  Bag (2)

Photo courtesy: lifeannstyle.

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