Makeup Shopping Tricks You Need to Know

Buying makeup items shouldn’t leave your wallet dry with nothing but a few dollar bills. Though that may happen to you more than once, now we’re glad to show you several makeup shopping tricks you can put to good use the next time you go out for some more makeup products. The money-saving hacks are convenient, profitable, and the foremost, proven. Check them out below!

Foto: shescribes
Foto: shescribes

Get free foundation by testing them out
Finding the right foundation is a struggle, and that’s another reason why you shouldn’t feel robbed once you’re done with your shopping spree. While a right foundation needs to complement your skin tone and also have the right formula for your skin, getting the right one is not an easy task. The solution? Ask the staffs. They’re the people who work with different foundations; not you. A brand even allows you to take home a week’s worth of foundation; for free. Yes, once you get your match the free foundation is yours. Finding a perfect foundation and getting it for free; how much better life could get?

Try ‘em out at beauty boutiques
Not only beauty counters, beauty boutiques also pamper you with saliva-inducing deals. For example, you can try out a wide variety of perfumes until you find which one you like best. Some beauty brands offer a package-deal; a blowout, a facial, or other hair services. Though they’re not free, once you’re signed up for the brand’s reward program, you can earn points and reap benefits later on. Someone sign me up for this please.

Surf (and shop) online
Not a fan of offline stores shopping? Get your products online (along with the samples!) if you’re too lazy to go out. Some websites are very specialized; some may sell only Korean beauty products, or high-end, fancy products. Not limited to makeup, online clothing stores also present extensive deals you can choose from. The key is to find trustworthy but inexpensive online stores. You may have to spare some time to find the right one out of hundreds and possibly thousands of online stores out there on the Internet, but hey! Anything for a good deal, right?

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