Pretty Pink Mix And Match Nail Design

Who doesn’t love pink nail polish? It is one of the cutest and most feminine nail polish colors out there. Pink suits almost everyone so we decided to present you a mix and match nail design that you will absolutely love, because is funky, creative, cute and of course pink. To create this design you will work on each nail individually and step by step, because each one will look different. Once you finished with one hand, you will try to replicate the designs on the other hand. See the directions and the video below!


What you will need:
– pink nail polish;
– light pink nail polish;
– white nail polish;
– metallic rose gold polish;
– pink glitter nail polish;
– dotting tool or toothpick;
– striper tool;
– top coat.

1. For the little finger:
– apply two coats of pink on the nail and let the polish dry;
– once the polish has dried use a dotting tool or toothpick to apply dots on the nail.
2. For the ring finger:
– apply two coats of metallic rose gold polish then layer on two sparkly coats of pink glitter nail polish.
3. For the middle finger:
– apply two thin coats of white on it and let it dry;
– use a light pink polish to create random spots on the nail;
– finish the leopard print by outlining the light pink dots with a dark pink polish;
– continue with adding spots on any open wide areas on the nail.
4. For the pointer finger:
– apply two coats of pink nail polish and let it dry;
– take the striper tool and add a few vertical stripes on it with the light pink polish.
5. For the thumb:
– paint your nail in a solid white then swipe the light pink polish vertically across the nail and repeat on the other side too;
– after the light pink has dried go back and apply a normal pink on it the same way you did with the light pink, but this time start in a different place so you create the chevron pattern.

Finish with applying a strong and fast drying top coat on every nail so your manicure gets an awesome shine!

Photo courtesy: cutepolish.

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