Make Your Own DIY Infinity Scarves Using An Old T-Shirt

Getting rid of old T-shirts often mean giving it away or throwing it out. But, do you know that you can make your own DIY infinity scarves using an old T-shirt? In case you’re unfamiliar with infinity scarves, an infinity scarf is a large, closed loop of fabric that can be worn in a variety of trendy ways. Now, there are many other ways you can recycle your old T-shirt. You can find a bunch of tutorials on how to do so online. But since infinity scarves are now the latest hot fashion item, why not try making one yourself?


First, you’d need an old T-shirt, obviously. Patterned or plain wouldn’t be a problem. You can even use several colored T-shirts at once and combine them together. Next, you’d need a scissor. Using the scissor, cut the bottom hem of the shirt. The hem is no longer needed, so feel free to get rid of it. Then, cut long strips across the shirt up until the armpit. You can choose your own width, but ½ inch wide would be best.

Once you’re done (you’d have around 20 strips by then), stretch each loop. Then, gather all loops together; everything but 1 loop (that loop would be used to tie all the other loops together). After neatly gathering them, set aside the loops and snip the leftover loop in a half. You can now tie the remaining loops together; if you’re unsure how, just do it simply, circle the loops and create a knot. Finally, you can cut the remaining fabric. See also the video below to get inspired.

The whole process wouldn’t take you longer than 10 minutes, and you’d only need an old T-shirt (or shirts), and a scissor. No sewing needed! The scarves would be perfect for your own use, or you can even gift it to other people! What a perfect way to reuse your old T-shirts!

Easy-No-Sew-T-Shirt-Necklace 1

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