Why The Jewelry You Wear Looks Cheap

We all know how that remarkable accessory can add an instant zing to your outfit, and so we like to spend our time carefully choosing our statement pieces. But there may be times when you spend a fortune on something that actually looks much cheaper! Now that is really going to pinch! So here are some tips to keep in mind when heading out the next time, so that you never go wrong!

1. Pendants and other items of jewellery that feature ‘cute’ shapes, such as animals, hearts etc, that too if in bright neon or pop colours end up looking cheap and childish. Go in for single stone pendants in subtle shades in long chains.

2. Beaded necklaces look almost as if they are home-crafted! Simple beads strung up together make for a cheap looking statement! Go in for necklaces that have glass beads or stones rather than plastic or wooden beads.

Why-The-Jewelry-You-Wear-Looks-Cheap 3. Little dangling earrings with beads strung together with craft wire are a common sight and every other person knows where to find them and how much they cost! This hence ends up looking cheap. Try on simple clutter-free danglers with a single solid stone for a richer look.

4. When picking jewellery with enamel work, make sure that the enamel smoothly merges with the metal and is not left standing out over the piece, which makes for a cheap look.

Why The Jewelry You Wear Looks Cheap
5. Stay away from overtly shiny metal accessories. Subtle tints and matte finished metals look far richer as compared to gold and silver polished cheap metal alloys!

6. Ensure that the clasps, chain and other components of your jewellery are strong and sturdy. Ill-fitting jewellery makes for a cheap statement!

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7. When going in for imitation jewellery, do not pick the ones that have ‘gemstones’ that have plasticky look to them! They can instantly dampen your fashion quotient because they scream out ‘cheap’! If you must, go in for clear stones.

8. You can tell if an item of jewellery will leave those dreaded green-black marks on your skin when you wear them! The marks look ugly, and definitely let on the fact that your jewellery is cheap! Buy 18k gold, titanium, steel or other cheaper metals that guarantee no stains on your skin.

9. Wearing half a portion of jewellery while your best friend wears the other is a trend that’s passé! It looks cheap and unfashionable! Gift each other identical jewellery pieces if you must.

10. Feather earrings look feminine and charming, but have a very short shelf life. Choose earrings which are crafted from metal in the shape of feathers and do justice to that hard-earned money!

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  1. What are you trying to tell us? Better buy boring stuff because it may look more expensive than you are able to afford?
    No surprise that this is from!
    Girls, ladies, please just don’t care how your jewellery looks in other people’s eyes… wear what you like and what you consider to be your style!!

  2. don’t LET OTHERS DECIDE FOR YOU WHAT YOU LIKE.. wear what you love !!I teach jewelry making students have asked me before what are we making .. ” I” don’t make you make ..u tell me what you like ..all my ladies are different ,so i don’t decide what THEY will make , they are all different .. i am different .. THEY decide what each of them will make that day ..
    Don’t let others dictate what you like !! Good grief .. does anyone you know ,wear the designer clothes they have on Paris runways? lol probably not .. so don’t let them DECIDE for you what is best ..they don’t live your life nor walk inside your shoes !! ox

  3. Thanks, I’ve always had a niggling feeling some of my jewellery was cheap looking. Now I know why. Very useful tip thanks again.

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