How to Fold Your Socks The Right Way

Doing laundry may not be your favorite activity, but you definitely can’t run away from the responsibility of washing, drying, ironing, and finally folding your articles of clothing. From shirts to socks, laundering steps may be your horrifying nightmare, no matter whether you live alone or with your family members. For the same reason, nowadays you can find ample of so-called “life hacks” involving laundry. From folding your shirts, packing your luggage when travelling, making more room in your wardrobe, or how to iron your trousers easily, all it takes is just a simple click.

However, do you know, that you may have been folding your socks all wrong?

But how? You may ask. Many, and yes this includes me, have thought that rolling a pair of socks into a ball, by slipping both end to each others’ opening is the right way to fold socks. For some, the only way they know of.

This traditional way of folding socks has been passed down for generations, but it certainly has its downfall. By stretching the top of one sock and inserting or looping it into the others’ opening, the socks can stretch out and come undone in the sock drawer. This may cause you to lose one of the socks, and can be quite a hassle if you have no enough time in the morning to find it.

A 16 second video from Klara Egilson, however, will give you the ultimate solution.  Rather than rolling your socks into a massive ball (super space-unfriendly!) you can simply fold them. Not only it would keep them together better, your drawer will be less messy, and you can fit more socks! You can also easily find your favorite pair of socks without unrolling them, simply from the visible pattern.

Although it’s going to take more time folding your socks rather than just rolling them into a ball, you will certainly save time when looking for your socks. However, as many have said, this trick may only work on longer socks, since ankle socks can be quite tricky when folded. Nevertheless, you may try doing this trick!

How to Fold Your Socks The Right Way

Source: Klara Egilson.

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