The Sparkle Skirt is the Absolute Way to Stay Lit

Combining technology and fashion was out of reach centuries ago, but now that we’re living in the 21st century, virtually nothing is impossible. The sparkle skirt, after all, is a proof of it. Created by Becky Stern, the skirt is activated by the Flora motion sensor. Just like its name, the skirt lights up when you move! And not just a skirt, the concept can be used on practically everything; a hat, a belt, a shirt, a dress, or even a dog collar.

First, let’s learn how the skirt actually works. There are 12 color-changing LED pixels that light up the skirt, but from within. All the pixels are connected to the main board, Flora. The LEDs twinkle at motion in any color you choose. You can adjust the sensitivity to motion using a code in order to make the LEDs as flashy as you want.

When choosing the skirt (or any other article of clothing), there’s no specific kind you need to search. However, you need to make sure that the LED lights can shine through it, so laced skirt or chiffon skirt would be best for the project. When it comes to cleaning and washing; all you need to do is to remove the battery, hand wash it, then dry it and finally put the battery back in!

If you’re interested in making your own sparkle skirt, you can just head over to the link provided above and follow the steps closely. Some electronic tools are necessary, so be very careful when making the skirt. Good luck!

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