The Splatter Effect for Trendy Nails

Trendy nails are never easy to miss! A goodbye wave, fingers curled around the wineglass, or when you hold that pen to give wings to your thoughts, your nails can make a cool statement anywhere. And of course, that is why you are so regular with your manicures and take pains to keep them well groomed and looking delightful.
And here is an absolutely fuss-free way to create hip and stylish nails in multiple colours in a jiffy!

Things you’ll need:
– tape;
– scissors;
– q-tips;
– waxed paper plate;
– nail polish remover;
– a short straw;
– 3 coloured nail polishes (1 opaque white and the rest two of any two colours).

Let’s get started!
1. Neatly coat your nails with the opaque white nail polish. This colour is chosen to give a bright canvas on which you can work.
2. Cut short pieces of the tape and wrap around the fingers below and around the nails.
3. Put some drops of the coloured nail polish on the waxed paper plate.
4. Dip one end of the straw in this for a few seconds, to allow the nail paint to completely cover the opening of the straw.
5. Now, keep your nail on the plate, take the straw 2-3 inches away from the nail and blow a quick short breath from the straw onto your nail.
6. The nail paint splatters onto your nail. Continue on all the 10 nails.
7. Repeat with the other colour.
8. Remove the tape and remove any excess polish with the Q-tips and the nail polish remover.
9. You are done!

We completely agree that this looks super cool, is effortless and this surely is one time when you wouldn’t be complaining about a splatter!

The Splatter Effect for Trendy Nails

Photo courtesy: prettygossip.

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