The Burned Book Nail Design

Are you looking for something different to keep you busy indoors apart from watching a movie or reading a book? What about a little bookish manicure? You can easily try this burned-paper nail art. Do not be shocked or worried already as no real burning will take place for either the book or fingernails. It is a perfectly easy and risk free type of creative manicure to play around with. You will probably prefer it over the everyday regular manicure.

The first thing you should make sure of is that your nails are done properly, that is they are well cut, filed and clean before you proceed to the first step. Also make sure you have the simple basics of beige, clear, black and brown nail polish, acetone, alcohol, a worded newspaper, clear glass and a makeup sponge.


1. The first step involves painting your nails one by one with a beige polish. Then waiting for them to completely dry. This is important so as to avoid any smudges when you will be placing the wet paper on top of them in order to start making the burned effect look.

2. The second step involves putting a piece of worded newspaper in a clear glass with alcohol then waiting for 15-20 seconds before removing it.

3. After the short time lapse, take the wet newspaper and put it on your nails, push it down with your fingers and wait until the alcohol evaporates which can take 7-10 seconds to do so and then remove the paper.

4. The fourth step involves top coating the paper with clear polish. You will notice the glossy fabulous look of your nails with words on them, but it is far from being over.

5. Next, draw some lines with black polish where you want your burned papers edges to be.

6. The sixth step involves putting some black and brown nail polish with a piece of makeup sponge around the black lines to give the illusion of a burnt paper.

7. Last but not least clean up the deluded burned edges with acetone.

8. Lastly, use a matte topcoat.

The end results are magnificent and creatively bewildering. It is interesting, cheap, convenient and less time consuming.

burned book manicure

Image: glitterfingersss.

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