Sophisticated Bun Decorated with a Cute Bow – DIY

Elegant Bun Decorated with a Cute Bow - DIY

Ideal for special events, this hairstyle is composed of a bun decorated with a pretty accessory made from the same hair – bow. This tutorial will show you how to create it!

You will need:
– comb;
– hair elastic;
– hair doughnut;
– bobby pins;
– hair spray.

Directions: Start making a high smooth ponytail. Secure it with an elastic. To get rid of fluffy hair you can use hair gel or gel wax. Put on the hair doughnut and wrapp hair around it. Fix with an elastic. Collect the loose hair at the bottom and divide it into two parts: one for braiding and one for the bow. Take the first part of hair and make a braided tail, then wrapp it around the bun. Fix it with bobby pins, but try to not make them visible. Now, with the rest of hair, create a bow. To do this, divide the hair into 3 parts. Take the right strand of hair from the bottom and turn it into a ring. Arrange it to obtain a half bow form. Secure with pins. Repeat the procedure on the left strand. Continue by braiding the central part of hair, then roll the end and make a small flower form. Fix with pins and hair spray. Enjoy!

Elegant Bun Decorated with a Cute Bow - DIY (2)

Photo courtesy: hair-ok.

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  1. Hi, I new to putting my hair up and I’m strugglingbto get the best way to start off putting my hair up not as a loose ponytail but an easy way toget I it into a easy bun or anything as long as its up off my neck and face please help as I’m New to putting hair up for work . All I get is a long ponytail that touches my neck and makes me sweat so an easy way to make it up tight and tidy. Thank you , Ashley Reid

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