Double Braided Bun With Beautiful Flower Accessories

Buns and braids go well together especially for special occasions. When you add some flowers to the combo a beautiful hairstyle is born. In this tutorial you will see how to create a side bun from two braided ponytails and you can make it for yourself without needing outside help. It can be done on medium to long hair, but looks best on very long hair as the bun will look thick and rich. You can pick any hair accessory for your hair in any color and add it to the side for a romantic look.


What you will need:
– hair brush;
– a few hair elastics;
– bobby pins;
– flower hair accessories;
– hairspray.

1. Brush your hair very well and separate it into two sections. You want the front to look nice and smooth so make sure you brush it properly.
2. You will gather the hair from the sections into two ponytails making sure they are positioned more on the side (side you previously picked and looks best for you).
3. Braid your ponytails and secure the ends with some elastics.
4. Roll the braid from the lower ponytail into a bun and secure it with lots of bobby pins.
5. Loosen the upper ponytail braid a little bit then overlap the rolled bun on the lower one.
6. Use as many bobby pins you think are necessary and finish with some hairspray.
7. In the end add the hair accessories to the bun and your hairstyle is ready!

Photo courtesy: pinterest.

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