Soda Can Rollers for Luscious Wavy Locks

Those lovely locks curling around your delicate jawline and tumbling down your shoulders can unleash the diva in you and make you look drop dead gorgeous! And here is a secret, you needn’t visit the salon to get those curly locks, and not even rollers. Got some empty soda cans? Let’s get started!

You need:
– empty soda cans;
– rubber bands;
– hair dryer;
– hair spray;
– bobby pins;
– hair mousse.

Let us get ourselves into action:
1. First of all, wet your hair and apply a small amount of hair mousse.
2. Divide your hair into two parts. Tie up the upper part leaving out the bottom layer of your hair.
3. Spritz some hair spray all throughout the length of your hair, and roll it up on the can like you would on a regular curler and secure with a rubber band.
4. Tighten this rolled up curl with bobby pins.
5. Once you have covered all your hair with the soda cans, spritz some more hair spray all over. Tuck in any loose pieces.
6. Blow-dry your hair until the cans are hot and until your hair becomes completely dry.
7. Slowly unroll the cans one by one and finger-comb your hair out.

Gorgeous soft waves are all yours!

Soda Can Hair Rollers
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Photo courtesy: random internet photos.

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