How To Make Curls with Sock Bun Technique

There are so many ways of making curls, but each girl has a personal style of doing them. Some find it easy to make curls with a curler, some with a flat iron, some with straws or braids and as you can see some can make curls also with the sock bun technique. There are many possibilities and if you wonder how to make curls with the help of socks, you will find out how.

You will need:
– a pair of socks;
– hairspray.

Follow the steps:

1. Take the socks, cut them at the fingertips and roll them into a doughnut shape (each one separately).

2. Brush your hair and split it into two sections (one on the top of your head and one at the back of your head).

3. Gather the hair from each section into a separate ponytail.

4. Put your hair in the middle of the doughnut, apply hairspray to the entire hair length and start rolling it like you can see in the pictures. Do the same to the back section.

5. Apply more spray and let your hair sit for the night or at least for 5 hours.

6. Remove the socks and enjoy your beautiful curls!

How To Make Curls with Sock Bun Technique

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