A lot of women have sensitive hair and using too much heat when trying to make a certain hairstyle will make it even more sensitive and destroy it. If you like curls and you have a difficult hair to deal with you have to find ways to make the curls without using heat and of course there are many ways you just have to find out about them. One of the ways we will show you today how to make. Check out the picture, the directions and the video below!


What you will need:
– old scarf;
– curling spray;
– hairspray.

1. Brush your hair very well and grab some hair from the center of your head and make a temporary bun from it.
2. Take the scarf and wrap it around your head tightly.
3. Undo the bun and take the curling spray and apply it all over the length of it.
4. Take strands of hair from the upper part and start wrapping them around the scarf by twisting them. Do this with all the hair from the upper part.
5. Apply curling spray to the hair that is on the bottom part and do the same wrapping procedure with it. Apply more curling spray in the end but try not to overload hair with it.
6. Stay like this a few hours and try to find something you can do meanwhile, read a book, clean the house, watch Tv or anything else.
7. If you want just some beachy waves stay like this for an hour only, if you want bigger curls stay at least 2 hours.
8. Unleash the curls from the scarf and you can enjoy them. Apply hairspray if needed and you are done!

Photo courtesy: makeupwearables.

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