How to Make Hair Waves Without Heat Damaging

If you have brittle hair and it’s sensitive to heat, or you just want to prevent your hair from any kind of damages use our trick to make your hair look curly. Every styling tools out there that are using heat are damaging the hair in a way or another no matter how much protection you use. Follow this tutorial and you will see how to make curls with your fingers.

1. Wash your hair and blow dry it as usual.
2. Take a small strand of hair, spray some water over it and start twisting it around 2 fingers of yours. When you twisted more than half of the strand use a hair clip to secure it.
3. Repeat the process for all strands you want to curl.
4. Use hairspray on your strands and let your hair sit that way for a few minutes.
5 Release the hair clips and enjoy your curls without any heat damage.


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Photo courtesy: kouturekiss.

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  1. Showed my girlfriend this. We agree that (aside from the really unattractive pouting of your lips in almost every frame) the tutorial seems pretty effective!

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