10 Relationship Mistakes Couples Make and Need to Avoid

Relationship Mistakes Couples Make and Need to Avoid

Being in a relationship can become quite a challenge after the chemistry from the beginning starts to fade. Most couples do mistakes that could have been easily avoided just by being conscious and aware of them. If you want to have a healthy and fulfilling relationship avoid these 10 common mistakes:

1. Small lies
Even if we don’t give importance to them, small lies bring big lies after them. We tend to make them in the beginning of the relationship when we want to please our partner and lie about tiny things.

2. Having secrets
Keeping secrets can be quite difficult on long term and this makes things complicated. You can’t hide them forever and they can become a heavy bag on your shoulders.

3. Expose your personal life on social profiles
Never expose your personal issues and fights on social media sites, there is a saying, keep your dirty clothes away from the public eye.

4. Limiting freedom
Possessiveness can be great and thrilling at the beginning, but if you overdo it your partner might feel restricted and everyone needs some personal space.

5. Not letting go
Even if you had a fight or your partner did something you didn’t like, after discussing the issues the best thing you can do is letting go.

6. Not communicating face to face
Keeping a relationship in the digital era with texting, messaging, whatsapp and all these ways can be very harmful to a true connection. If you can, always choose meeting your partner face to face.

7. Take things for granted
A success tip for long lasting relationships is to never take your partner as granted. Treat him/her like you are still trying to get them.

8. Increasing expectations on your own
When you give more to your partner, you tend to expect more and when these expectations aren’t met, misunderstandings can intervene. It’s your choice to offer more.

9. Expecting too much
Sometimes we have fantasy expectations from our partners that are unrealistic, keeping things more real and being down to earth is the best way to be.

10. Comparison
Comparing your actual partner to old lovers or friends is one of the biggest mistakes you can do. Everyone is unique in their own way and it’s painful to be compared.

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