Beautiful Waves Hairstyle Tutorial

If you have long hair and you love curls, it means that there is no way that a curling iron is missing from your home. Probably you own one and love it each and every time it makes you beautiful. Another thing that you probably know is that depending on the technique you use to make the curls, they will turn out differently each and every time. And because we know you love to look gorgeous we present you a very easy technique that will give you perfect curls.

Beautiful Waves Hairstyle Tutorial

What you will need:
– a curling iron;
– some hair clips;
– some hairspray;
– a comb.

Directions: Before doing anything, it is best to wash and dry hair so the curls will look amazing and they also last longer. Heat your curling iron to the right temperature and here, you are the one to decide which is that. Gather a small section of hair on the top of your head and secure it with some hair clips, then start splitting your hair into small hair strands. You will start curling from the front. Take the hair strand and start applying it to the iron exactly the same way as you can see in the picture. Do the same to all the other ones then in the end brush the curls you have made with a brush. Apply hairspray if you like and your waves are done!

Photo courtesy: latest-hairstyles.

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  1. What iron is being used in the pictures? Brand and size? Thank you in advance for the information! 🙂

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