Curl Your Hair With Drinking Straws

Have you ever thought that you can curl your hair with drinking straws? Not having hair curlers at home is not a problem when you are creative and use other items to get curly hair. You will get a natural look without too much hassle.
You will need:
– straws;
– bobby pins;
– hair spray.

Directions: Brush your hair when it’s a little bit wet and start making small sections. Roll each section around a straw and secure it with a bobby pin or tie the ends of the straw together such way the hair remains rolled. If you want bigger curls use more hair on each section and if you want small curls make smaller sections of hair. Wait a few hours (2 or 3), then use some hairspray to fix the curls. Remove the straws and bobby pins and gently brush your hair with your fingers. Have fun!

Curl Your Hair With Drinking Straws

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Photo courtesy: TheCollegeGirlRant.

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