DIY Gifts Your Man Would Love to Receive

DIY Gifts Your Man Would Love to Receive

We all know how hard it is sometimes to find a proper gift to your man for either his birthday or any kind of celebration. If you are not the creative type or you feel that a gift made by your own hands would have a greater impact on your loved one, try out these diy gift ideas. He will definitely have a precious memory of you. Pick your favorite one and get to work .

1. Woven keychain that he can attach to his pants (see the video below to find how to make a similar one).

1 diy-gift-for-men-7

2. Make a book with “Reasons i want to marry you” and let him know about his qualities.

2 diy-gift-for-men-2

3. Call him stud muffin and give him an actual muffin, he will love it.

3 diy-gift-for-men-3

4. Easy to make belt organizer.

4 diy-gift-for-men-4

5. Handy firewood carrying tote.

5 diy-gift-for-men-6

6. License plate that has Mancave written on it. Find it here.

6 diy-gift-for-men-8

7. Storage boxes for better organizing things around the desk.


8. Make him a small book of “52 things i love about you”.

0 diy-gift-for-men-5

9. Anti stress balloons. Fill some balloons with flour using a funnel. Cut some fun paper and add a message. Tie onto the balloon with ribbon.


10. Creative massage t-shirt (in case you have kids).

12 diy-gift-for-men-13

11. Take his favorite toys or star wars characters and frame them.

11 diy-gift-for-men-14

12. Wall clock made of a bike break. See how to make it here.

10 diy-gift-for-men-12

13. Unusual pencil holder.

9 diy-gift-for-men-11

14.  Iphone refrigerator magnets. See how to make here.

8 diy-gift-for-men-9 Photo courtesy: snappypixels.

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