This Sneakers Nail Art is the Cutest Thing Ever

The amount of nail art you can choose from has always been fascinating. Among all of them, though, this sneakers nail art successfully steal the spotlight. Just like the name suggests, sneakers nail art is a nail art with sneakers pattern. And it’s just too adorable to be put into words! This is a very easy and fun nail design to do. The nail art allows you to decorate your nails with different cheery, pastel colors at once without having to look weird.

If you prefer to color your nails in one color, you can always stick to one color. Would you like to know how to create this sneakers nail art? Let’s begin!

To start, these are the things you’d need: base coat, top coat, different nail polish colors (white is a must!), striper brush. After getting all of them ready, let’s move on to the steps!

First, apply the base coat and let it dry. Then start painting each of your nails in any color you want. If you wish to, use different color on each finger as in our example! Once the color has dried, paint over the upper edges using a white nail polish to make French tips. Next, carefully draw parallel lines on the colored side of your nail using a striper brush dipped in black nail polish. This will be the outline for your ‘shoelaces.’ Tie things up by drawing the laces over and across the black lines using the striper brush dipped in white nail polish. Let it dry, then apply nail top coat. Finish the design with the edges of the sneakers: draw a thin curved line on top of the French tip using black nail polish.

Ta-da! You’re now done with your sneakers nail art. Would you be interested in trying this nail art out? Let us know what you think below!

Photo courtesy: luuthienluv

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  1. I love doing nails. These sneakers look like a lot of fun! I can’t wait to try them, and see what kind of reaction I get! Thanks for the creative share 🙂

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