Applying nail polish, despite the satisfying final result, is often preceded by a gruesome process. While you can’t wait to boast about your new nail color on Snapchat or Instagram, applying coats of nail polish tidily is far from fun. If you find layering the coating on top of your polished nail a horrifying process you can’t wait to be done, then you may find what Cristine did to her nails is simply astounding. Cristine, who owns a YouTube channel that goes by the title Simply Nailogical uploaded a video titled 100+ Coats of Nail Polish #POLISHMOUNTAIN to answer your curiosity of what 116 coats of nail polish look like. Nailogical Nailogical

Simply put, it doesn’t look good.

The 8 minute video summarized Cristine’s 13 hours and 51 minutes of putting layer after layer of nail polish on her nails. While the first few coats seem to keep her energetic, it’s safe to say she’s nothing but tired when working on the final coats.

The video has been viewed over 17 million times since it’s uploaded on June 5 this year, and although it seems no one would even try copying her, Cristine’s brave experience has answered many people’s question. Some, however, challenged Cristine to another 100+ coats of nail polish video. She responded by uploading a video of her doing 100+ coats of clear nail polish.

By the end of both video, Cristine literally peeled the entire layers off her nails because, you know, nail polish remover doesn’t work on 100 coats of them. You’d be surprised to notice many viewers are more interested in the peeling process rather than the layering process.

Cristine’s “100+ coats of…” has started the trend of other “100+ coats of..” videos you can find easily on YouTube. No matter how bizarre 100 layers of foundation, 100 coats of mascara, or even 100 coats hair gel (ew!) sounds, people are still keen on knowing how tragic they look like. Let’s just hope the trend dies soon.

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