How To Peel Off Glitter Polish Starting From Base Coat

How To Peel Off Glitter Polish Starting From Base Coat (2)

Glitter polish is one of the hardest things to remove from the nail. When putting acetone over and trying to take it off it can get sticky and can really hurt. Why traumatize your nails when an easy removal of glitter polish stays in one simple trick? Yes, glitter polish can be peeled off and this will save you valuable time and eliminate pain associated with it. Maybe you think why should you bother with glitter polish when there are a lot of other types of polishes which look amazing, but don’t you just want to look glowing sometimes? Remember that in order to be able to peel it off, before even applying it on the nails, you will have to prepare the nail in a special way, so if you already have polish on your nails, it will work starting from the next time if you respect the procedure.

What you will need:
– Elmer’s School Glue (this is a craft glue, washable and non-toxic);
– an empty nail polish bottle;
– glitter polish of your choice;
– a cuticle pusher.

1. Start with clean nails and transfer some glue on them.
2. Let the glue dry very well. It will become slightly mate and non-sticky.
3. Apply the nail polish to your nails and let it dry very well.
4. Enjoy your manicure for a few days!
5. If you are ready to remove it just take the cuticle pusher and starting from the base of the nail start peeling the polish off. Do it for all your nails and wash hands to remove the remaining glue.
6. Repeat process as many times as you want enjoying each time your glittery nails!

How To Peel Off Glitter Polish Starting From Base Coat

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