Santa’s Hat Nail Art Design – DIY

Christmas Hat Nail Art Design - DIY

Here is a cute nail design idea for Christmas to get easily in the holiday spirit. We saw Christmas trees and reindeers painted on nails, but what about covering nails with ”Santa’s hat”?

You will need:
– nail base coat;
– nail top coat;
– nail polish: red, black, white;
– nail striper or thin brush.

Directions: Apply base coat on your nails ( preferably a pink nuance) and let dry. Paint red on the tip of your nail for your Santa hat – you can just freehand this part as the line will be covered later. Trace a black shape of the point of your hat that the Pom Pom hangs off of, using a thin brush or nail striper. Fill in the space with red again and now make little ‘c’ shapes with your white polish and thin brush to create the white trim and Pom Pom. Fill in the white trim and add sparkles before top coat. Have fun!

Photo courtesy: @KeshiaLilly.

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