Reuse Old T-shirts to Make Cat Tents – DIY


All of us who have a small pet in our homes, understand very well why you consider this little soul one of the family members. Because we also love and respects these little members of our families, we decided to show you a way of showing this love to them by constructing a cat tent in very few steps. No sewing machine or cutting is required.

You will need:
– an old t-shirt;
– two hangers;
– strong paper;
– iron wire;
– an old cushion.

Directions: Straighten the two hangers and fixate them in the middle with the iron wire. Be careful at the curvature of the hangers, so it will leave enough room for your cat. Make sure you give the stability needed for the tent, with the cardboard under the cushion. Now what is left is just to put everything together. Be careful with the ends of the hangers which should be sealed for you and your kitten’s safety. Enjoy!

Reuse Old T-shirts to Make Cat Tents - DIY Photo courtesy: meow-cat.

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