Quick Hairstyle for Wet Hair


The clock rings in the morning but you are too tired to get up so you decide to sleep for a few minutes before getting up and heading to the shower. You fall asleep and when you wake up you realize that if you’re not gonna move fast you’re gonna be seriously late to work or whatever meeting you have set up that day. Your hair needs to be washed but the bad news is you don’t have time to dry it and properly style it. No worries, we come with the great news and show you a hairstyle for wet hair. The only things you will need are some bobby pins for fixing the hair.

How to do it:
1. Separate your wet hair in 2 big parts (one upper part and one lower part) then separate the lower part again in 2 parts. This means you will have 3 parts as shown in the picture.
2. Start twisting one strand from the bottom until you make a bun and fix it with bobby pins. Do the same for the other bottom strand.
3. Take the upper part and twist it too into a bun and fix it so it won’t fall apart and you are done.

When the hair will dry it will look beautiful this way, and if you take the bobby pins out you will actually have beautiful waves in your hair.

Quick Hairstyle for Wet Hair

Photo courtesy: hairromance.

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