Quick to Make Holiday Hair

When you are in holiday you don’t want to spend time in front of the mirror when you can be somewhere else and party. Before you go out, if you want a chic and quick to make hairstyle you can try out this holiday hair tutorial. You will need only a few tools, some creativity and 5 minutes of your precious holiday time (we think it’s not much at all).

What you will need:

– hair elastic;
– bobby pins;
– hair comb;
– hairspray (only if you have some with you).


1.Gather your hair in a loose ponytail on which side you want, depending on what looks best for you.

2. With the comb start twirling all of your hair.

3. Twist the twirled hair as you can see in the pictures and make a small bun around the elastic that gathered the ponytail.

4. Secure the end with bobby pins and add a few more for a better fix.

5. Apply hairspray if you have some with you (we know that when going on vacation the last thing you want to carry with you is your big spray bottle).

Enjoy your evening and have fun!

quick holiday hairstyle

Photo courtesy: charissecbeauty.

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