The Right Way to Apply Mascara

Our eyes look much different with mascara on, simple and small looking eyes can change completely into big, round ones with just a few layers of this wonder makeup product. There are several techniques to apply mascara but not all work the same way and give the same results when we talk about volume and thickness. Of course, the quality of the product is important too, not just the way you apply it, but mostly with every mascara you can make wonders if you know how to use it efficiently. Check out the directions, the video and the images below to see the procedure!

What you will need:

– mascara;
– lash curler.


1. Before putting anything on your lashes take the lash curler and use it gently and precisely by working on each eye not in the same time.

2. Start with the bottom first by making small zigzag moves.

3. Go to the upper lashes and do the same zigzag moves, so you swish right then you swish left. Apply as many layers you want until you reach desired result and you are finished!


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