How to Make Full Looking Red Ombre Lips

Red is a beautiful and warm color and worn on lips it gives a charm beyond looks to the person. Red lips are perfect for almost every outfit and every person can wear them successfully. Your teeth look much whiter in contrast with the lipstick and your smile will radiate to miles away stunning people who see you. If you love ombre and you want to create some beautiful and appealing ombre lips follow the steps from this tutorial.

1. Apply some concealer to your lips to prevent feathering. The concealer should be non-drying and it will also help your lipstick last longer and look softer.
2. Take a very dark lip liner and line your lips gently and not very boldly with it. This is also great to make the ends look like they have more depth.
3. Apply red lipstick to your lips with a special brush and you are done. Was it easy or difficult?

How to Make Seductive Red Ombre Lips

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Photo courtesy: cosmopolitan.

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