Chic Bag Made of Old Jeans – DIY

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Never throw away old jeans you have in your closet. You can reuse them and create beautiful accessories like this bag that we will show you how to make. It’s great to be worn with comfortable and casual looks being perfect for standing out in a cute way. The only thing you have to take in consideration when wearing this bag is that you can’t carry very heavy things in it.

What you will need:
– old jeans;
– scissors;
– a broach you like and is resistant;
– a tie
– pins;
– needle and thread.

Directions: Take the old jeans, the scissors and you will start cutting the material. You want to make the cuts 1 inch or so below the pocket, then you have to cut out the crotch seam and sew the sides together so you can go further with sewing the lower part of the bag. Turn your jeans inside and pin the ends together. Sew shut all the way across then turn the jeans to the right side. Take the tie and feed it through the belt loops as seen in the picture and pin it with the broach. Voila, ready to wear it!


Photo courtesy: trinketsinbloom.

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