Holographic Lip Gloss is The Hottest Talk in Town

Mankind’s curiosity about the future is often manifested in rather strange ways. Several decades ago, we dreamt of cars that fly, boards that hover, or a computer so compact you can carry it around. Today, not all the predictions made came true, but surprisingly, some did. And now, we visualize future in a different way. When it comes to fashion, we easily associate futuristic concept with holographic colors. Holographic shirts and shoes are often paired together with bizarre hairstyle to one’s perception of what style will look like in the future.

Not limited to articles of clothing, holographic colors also made their way to beauty products. Sigma Beauty, a makeup products company founded in the United States back in 2009, incorporated vibrant colors in its holographic lip gloss. Just like their motto, Innovating Beauty, Sigma Beauty strives to create ground-breaking makeup products.

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Their latest must-have item, holographic lip gloss receives an enthusiastic response from beauty gurus and beauty lovers alike. The lip gloss’ shimmery texture is mesmerizing, and it gives off oily look without being actually oily. The products’ line is named Lip Switch, and this is apt because the holographic effect in the gloss actually makes it seems like they change colors.

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Lip Switch is available in 5 different variants; Double Whammy (green and lavender duo-chrome), Flip-Flop (fiery orange holographic finish), Other Worldly (frosty green gloss), Pink Lotus (bold, prismatic pink), and Transcend (Cool, purple opal tones). Ever since its launching, Lip Switch has taken the beauty world by storm.

Are you excited to get your own holographic lip gloss?

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