How to Blow Dry Your Hair the Right Way

Blow dry your hair the simple and right way with the help of this quick tutorial. You will have a professional looking hairstyle like you can see in magazines. The good thing about this is that besides being easy to make, it costs you nothing, so no money spent in hair salons.

What you will need:

– blow dryer;
– big round brush;
– hair pins;
– hairspray.


1. Wash your hair as you usually do and rub it with a towel so most of the water from it gets sucked by the towel.

2. Section your hair in small ones with the help of the hair pins and start blow drying each section one by one as you can see in the picture.

3. With the brush, make little twists which you blow dry again so your hair will look more natural.

4. After you have finished with the entire hair, use some hairspray (not too much to make it feel heavy) and you are done. Your hair will look like in commercials!


Photo courtesy: redbookmag.

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