Beautiful 10 Minutes Ponytail Hairstyle

Beautiful 10 Minutes Hairstyle

All chic women know they have to be careful at each and every little detail on her appearance when she gets out from the house. This is the only way of being admired and appreciated for her presence almost anywhere at any times. For this to happen, any successful woman always has a few tricks for a perfect look. Today we wish to share with you a trick that will help you make your hair look perfect in only a few minutes before you leave the house. Check out the directions and the images below to find the procedure.

You will need:
– bobby pins;
– a small discreet elastic.

Directions: Start by parting your hair in three sections, making the middle one wider than the other two lateral ones, tie a ponytail at the back base of your head. Now, take the left section and split it in two strings, taking the first one and pulling it over and around the ponytail towards your right side, and fixating it with a bobby pin. Now move to the right lateral section and repeat the steps splitting it in two sections, taking the first one and pulling it over and around the ponytail towards left and fixating it. When done, take what is left from the left section and repeat the steps. Do the same to what is left on the right side also, and you are ready to go.

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Beautiful 10 Minutes Hairstyle

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  1. Hi I’m looking for mannequin like the one that you have in this video I’ve been looking for a long time can’t seem to find one with enough hair that’s long enough where did you get yours thank you love the hair style by the way

    1. Hi! Try to purchase it online from amazon, ebay or aliexpress… There I saw some nice mannequins with long hair.

  2. What is a good hairstyle when your hair is then flat and nobody and you’re 50 years old I go with the blonde highlights but I need a good haircut for my round oval face

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