Make An Owl Pillow – DIY Project

Owls represent wisdom in many cultures and as they are cute animals, people love to have them around the house. People love decorations in owl shapes, women wear clothes with owl on them and even jewelry in owl shapes. Because of their popularity, crafts loving people, come up with different tutorials to make certain decorating objects for your house and today we will show you how to make an owl pillow which is not hard at all and you will enjoy the making so much! See the directions and the video below.


What you will need:
– different colored fabrics to create the owl of your choice (remember you need some orange colored one for the nose and legs, you can pick brown for the body);
– white felt and black felt for the eyes;
– some stuffing;
– sewing machine or sewing kit (if you want to manually do it, but looks better using a machine);
– scissors;
– template for the owls body.

1. First, print out the pattern with the owls shapes–>Template.
2. Use the scissors to cut the shapes out then prepare the fabric you will use for the owls body.
3. Place the body shape over the fabric and cut out 2 pieces.
5. Using different fabrics, cut out the wings and rest of the parts, you want to use white and black felt for the eyes.
6. Start sewing the body shapes together and just before you finish going round stop and start stuffing the material as much as you can.
7. Finish sewing the body then attach the rest of the pieces to it.
8. You can play with your creativity as much as you like, and each and every owl you will make will look different and fun! Consider making these pillows for fun, as a gift and why not as a product you will sell, we are sure there is a market for them!


Photo courtesy: jandofabrics.

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