Owl Cake - DIY Recipe

Today we have a special cake inspiration for you, it is that type of cake that goes perfect for kids parties and birthday parties. If you also involve them in the making process a whole fun day can develop with awesome time in the kitchen. Owls are cute and even if you will feel sorry for eating the ones you will make as cake, you will still do it.

1. For the sponge mix:
– 375 g flour;
– 375 g caster sugar;
– 375 g margarine;
– 6 eggs;
– half tablespoon of vanilla extract.

2. For the filling: 2 tablespoons of strawberry jam (or one of your own choice).

3. For the base coat of icing:
– 200 g icing sugar;
– 125 g softened butter;
– 50 g cocoa powder.

4. For the decoration:
– 1 kg of ready to be rolled icing;
– brown food colouring;
– 500 g of ready to be rolled green icing and other ones of your choice: some white,black, blue and orange
– a round cake drum.

5. Tools needed: round pans and other kitchen utensils and bowls.

1. Bake two globes of sponges of different sizes, one for the small owl and one for the big owl, by first creaming the margarine and sugar together, then adding the eggs and the flour until all are combined. The mixture should be enough for both globes (4 pans). Bake the big pans for 75 minutes and the small ones for 30 minutes at 160 Celsius degrees.
2. Take the sponges out and let them cool down.
3. Prepare the icing and cover the drum with a layer of it, then create the wood and grass again from icing.
4. Sandwich the globe half into one with the help of jam then prepare the base coat of icing. Mix butter with icing sugar and add cocoa in the end. Spread a thin layer of it over the globes.
5. Put the globes into the fridge for a while so they can sit.
6. After they are cool start decorating with the icing for the decoration, pick different colors, make different shapes until you create the owl, follow the pictures for details.
7. Be careful how you add everything to the globes so it looks as natural as possible. And why not pick maybe some crazy colors for the owls, what if instead of brown you will use pink? It is up to you, have a happy cake making day!

Photo courtesy: lakeland.

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