How to Make Vintage Looking Jeans

How to Make Vintage Looking Jeans

Being an adept of classical jeans can get quite boring over time. Clean and cut jeans are great for every occasion but why wouldn’t you want to stand out sometimes in a chic and different way? With the help of a few kitchen and house tools you can create washed out vintage looking pants in no time. They will look great with whatever you want to wear, from elegant shirts to t-shirts. It shouldn’t take a lot of time to complete this project, so give it a try.

You will need:
– jeans;
– cheese grater;
– thread pick;
– foot scrub brush.

Directions: Take your jeans on and take the cheese grater beginning to move it over the area you want to make look vintage. Move it forward and backwards until the material starts to come away. With the help of a foot scrub brush, remove more material until it reaches a point where you have to stop because you will make holes in it. Take the thread pick and start taking out material around the sides, as you can see in the pictures and you are finished. Repeat the process for how many times do you want.

How to Make Vintage Looking Jeans

Photo courtesy: svetlanash.

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