Smart Ways to Save Money on Groceries


Are you out of control with your spendings? You feel that there is space for you to improve the way you divide money? We never actually think on saving when going to groceries shopping and we don’t realize how many unnecessary things we buy and that we could actually use that money to do different things.

Here are 20 ways that will help you save money on groceries:

1. Have a menu planned before going to shopping. This means it is best for you when you think before on what do you want to eat and buy those things without taking more than you need and then throw it away.

2. Design a list that is standardized. Make an actual list that is split in different categories as dinner, breakfast, supplies and others. This way you will be more organized.

3. Check out the sales. Each stores have products that are on sales on a weekly basis so you might want to get those and make your menus around them.

4. Purchase fruits and vegetables that are “in season”. When fruits and other healthy products are in season they are much cheaper because they are easier to find.

5. Utilize Coupons. You can find them almost everywhere, in newspapers, stores, and online. Be smart and you can save a lot with them.

6. Memorize the prices that are rock bottom and when using coupons your main goal is to get the product at its lowest price. Combine different manufacturer coupons with store sales and store coupons and you might get it for free.

7. Be aware of store policies. Some stores don’t accept certain coupons so you might want to check that out first.

8. Do shopping for one month period. The less you shop the less you are exposed to impulsively buying things you don’t need.

9. Choose a store that is budget-friendly. We all know that each store sets his prices, so you might want to pick one that has the best deals even if it is not so close to you.

10. Remember the dollar stores. Even if they don’t carry a wide range of products, there are actually things you can buy from there and visit them before doing the big shopping.

11. Plan your time wisely to avoid crowds and never go to shopping on an empty stomach.

12. Buy what you need and try not to buy useless things. You need to practice self-control that might save you 20% to 30%.

13. Think of maybe buying generic products not only brand products. Pick the store brand instead of the name brand and save loads.

14. Check the unit prices. A product that costs $4.05 is not the same with one that costs $4.95, no?

15. When shopping, look up and down on the shelves, usually most expensive products are displayed in the middle because they are easier to notice.

16. Don’t buy prepared and pre-cut items, they have added cost to them.

17. Buy meat that is aged. Many stores are selling meat packages that are a little aged at much lower prices and they taste actually better.

18. Leave the kids at home! If you take them with you, you know you have to buy unnecessary stuff that catches their eyes.

19. Pay with cash and set a financial budget for things. This is a great way to stick to a plan and don’t spend beyond budget.

20. Be careful when your products are getting scanned. Sometimes the price that is shown is not the real one and sometimes, some coupons get scanned incorrectly.

We hope you liked our tips list and if you feel you have more, share them with us!

Source: moneycrashers.

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