How To Make A Cute Party Top – DIY Fashion Project

Finding a nice party outfit could be easy nowadays, but only in few cases you can be sure yours is unique. Whatever you buy, a few more people might wear it, as clothing sellers have the same model in many pieces. If you want to make sure you wear something unique you can customize what you buy or even sew clothing from nothing (if you have the proper skills). Today, we thought we will show you how to make a cute party top, basically from a plane black t-shirt and a few more things. This can be done so fast and it can be a last minute fashion win for your night out.

What you will need:
– a black t-shirt;
– a bow tie;
– a piece of different fabric (maybe lace or some net);
– a ruler;
– fabric chalk;
– scissors;
– sewing kit (black thread and needles).

1. Put your t-shirt on a plane and straight surface and with the ruler and chalk, draw a line where you will cut the fabric (it has to be under the sleeves). Pin the fabric.
2. Cute on the marked place and separate the t-shirt.
3. Take the upper part and cut the sleeves down.
4. Place your desired fabric (lace or net) on a straight surface and place the upper part on it, but opened (as you can see in the pictures).
5. Cut out the model and be aware not to cut the shoulder area, you just go straight with the scissors when you reach it.
6. Fold the fabric into two and cut out the neck, then sew the material on the part of the t-shirt that was left to the side.
7. Sew the bow in the middle that should be the chest area and your cute top is ready!

How To Make A Cute Party Top - DIY Fashion Project

Photo courtesy: virginiepeny.

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