How to Get Natural Curls

How to Get Natural Curls (2)

We already spoke to you about stopping the deterioration of your hair with all of those hot irons and blow dryers, and start using some techniques that are both cheap and easy to make your hairdo. Therefore, today we want to share with you a new way of getting your hair to look like it is naturally curly just by letting it dry overnight.

You will need:
– bobby pins.

Directions: Twist strands of your hair until they start twisting at the roots. The thicker the strand, the looser the curls. Continue twisting and wrap the strand around itself until it is a small bun, then secure it with two bobby pins, criss-crossing each other. Take another strand and repeat until you twisted all of your hair. Leave it like this overnight. In the morning remove the pins and let the spirals un-twirl. Use your fingers to separate the waves. Remember that the smaller the strands and the tighter they are twisted, the curlier your hair will be. Enjoy!

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how to get natural curls (3)
Great Idea to Get Natural Curls

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