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Since forever there has been this not-so-secret wish of the girls that have naturally curled hair to have straight hair, and viceversa the girls that have naturally straight hair wish it was curly. The first thing all woman need to know so that they can be chic no matter on the hair or other looks, is that each and every one of us is beautiful in her own way as long as we take care of ourselves. Of course curls are quite flattering and stylish, but making your curls with the help of the curling irons or blow dryers can badly damage your hair. Today we would like to share with you this amazing way to get the perfect curls with no heat. Plus, these techniques are realy cheap and you will still achieve the look you desire.

Directions: Separate your hair into as many sections as you’d like. Take the first section and mist it with water. Fold the bandana, wrapped like a snake, over your hair section and pull the strand out to one side. For more volume center the section higher. Fold your hair around the bandana, through the middle, and out the other side. Keep folding around the bandanas in a figure-eight pattern until you almost run out of hair. For an extra bit of curl at the end, wrap the last little bit around the same side an extra wrap or two. Fix the two parts of the bandana together below the hair with a hair tie. Make the steps again for each of the remaining sections. Leave the braids like that over night and next day, undo the tie and delicately unfold the sections. Do not comb the hair! Use your fingers to separate the curls. Enjoy!

no heat curls

Photo courtesy: rapunzelsresource.

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