How To Crochet Lego Pattern – DIY


We all know that most children are big lego fans because there is something magic about them that everyone loves. The possibilities of building things from lego are basically endless and we’re sure there are even adults who still play with them or at least nostalgically think about them. Because you might be interested to surprise your children, a loved one who adores lego or just you, we thought to show in this article how you can crochet a lego pattern. This pattern can be made also by beginners, so no need to be an expert in crocheting to be able to have a lego blanket. After you make the blanket you can use it in the kids room, offer it as a gift or cover your sofa or chairs with it. Everyone who will come around will adore it. You can choose whatever colors you like to make this beautiful blanket, you can stick to the classical ones (a mix of blue, red, yellow, black, grey and white) or try out different combinations (2 colored blanket, mono colored one, etc.). In the videos below you will find the exact technique, step by step for you to understand how to crochet the lego blocks, then how to unite them. It is up to you to decide the dimensions of your piece of art and we are sure you will have a lot of fun with this project! Check out the videos below and find how to make a lego crochet pattern or see directions: scarf or blanket & beanie. Have fun!

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