How to Make Ombre Shoes

People are so creative these days, when a new trend comes, they find ways to integrate it in their lives in different ways. Ombre is a trend that caught up big the past few years and it is still quite popular, it started with hair and nails, then jeans and different clothing items and house items (like curtains, rugs) and even shoes. Smart and creative women found ways to personalize their footwear and give them an ombre effect so they are chic and trendy! If you are one of the women who adores this trend, we will show you how to make your simple high heels look like ombre!

What you will need:
– black stiletto shoes or other black shoes you have and you are ok with changing;
– sandpaper;
– some paper to fill the shoes with it to protect them from paint and some tape (to hold paper);
– Vinyl spray paint, white and green (or other colors of your choice, ex: white and pink, white and yellow, etc.);
– transparent clear gloss.

1. Start with rubbing the area you want to paint with sandpaper (half shoe, starting from the front). It will help the paint stick to the shoe.
2. Fill in your shoes with paper to protect the insides from paint (use also some duct tape) then start with spraying a layer of white paint on the area you previously rubbed with the sandpaper. The white will be a good base for the next color and will make it pop out more.
3. Spray with green or the color you picked.
4. Let the paint dry very well, then apply the transparent clear gloss over it.
5. Let your shoes rest and let the paint dry overnight (don’t to this the same day you want to wear the shoes, the paint and gloss needs enough time to dry).
6. Remember to remove the paper and tape from the inside and enjoy wearing your ombre heels!

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Photo courtesy: kiercouture.

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