Knit Your Own Snug and Fluffy Blanket – DIY

In this beautiful chilly weather, what would be better than sitting cozy with a book, a simmering cup of coffee and staying in bed under a warm blanket?! But it gets even more charming if that blanket is made by your talented self!

Sounds like an arduous task? Well nothing worthwhile in life is ever easy, but with this tutorial and some basic knitting skills, you are sure to make a nice and fluffy warm blanket for you and your family! Check out the directions and the video below!

You will need:

– two PVC pipes to serve as your knitting needles;
– duct tape;
– broad felted unspun wool yarn.

Let’s begin:

1. Cover the ends of the PVC pipe with duct tape, to cover up the sharp ends.

2. Now, use the traditional knitting technique and put a total of 28 stitches onto the ‘needles’.

3. Go on knitting, as you would on regular sized needles.

4. Keep tugging on the rows as they are finished, so as to align them.

5. Once you reach the desired length, bind it off.

Spread the blanket out to its correct size and enjoy the winters with this snug new addition to your home!

Knit Your Own Snug and Fluffy Blanket - DIY

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